City Queens

Concertzaal - Feest, Party, #Nightlife


datum tijdstip zaal prijs kaarten/beschikbaarheid

After a memorable and SOLD-OUT night of one of Belgium’s longest running party concepts, we are super-excited to announce our upcoming event.

On Saturday 02nd of June, City Queens will add even more color to your vibrant life than ever before. Come dance and sing along to the sounds of 90’s R&B, early 00’s Hip Hop and classic dancehall, in our flashing and dashing scenery.

And City Queens is about more than just the music! Focussing on the full experience of a unique night out, you’ll appreciate, like and love every little bit of it.

Kind and good-hearted as we are, we reward our “EARLYBIRD” ticket buyers with a FREE ENTRANCE. Order €10 drinktokens ONLINE and download your ticket.
This offer is off course limited.

One more thing we haven’t revealed… our skilled and gifted selectors for the night, ready to recreate that urban nostalgia:

+ Davidov & Black Frank
+ Gus & Sense
+ Big Poppe & Lil Lou


Extra informatie

sat 02.06 - 23:00 Concertzaal
tickets: €10 (excl. reservatiekost)
earlybirds: free ticket when you order €10 drinktokens online
2nd wave: €5 tiket when you order €10 drinktokens online


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