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The Extra People (try-out)

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Ant Hampton is a regular in Vooruit. Since 1999, he has been experimenting with what he likes to call 'Autoteatro': performance settings in which the audience members participate and play a part, for each other. They are instructed what to do, what to say, etc., often through headphones. By simply following the instructions, an event falls into place. 

This is an invitation to participate in a test-run of Ant Hampton's new piece 'The Extra People': a site-specific and immersive performance for a large theatre which, dormant, empty and unlit save for your flashlight, seems unable to be disactivated. And within this strange process, wearing headphones and a yellow, 'hi-viz' vest, you're cast along with everyone else as some kind of 'extra', navigating the cracked dreams of today's precariat worker.

As a particpant, you follow instructions and find yourself experiencing the work from the inside, with no-one else present except for other participants. 'The Extra People' takes you into the Theatre Hall, with thirty people on seperate tracks, all synchronised. 'The Extra People' involves an astonishing use of binaural headphone recordings which give the proceedings a distinctly hallucinatory edge: an audio landscape so real and complete that you start to mistrust your eyes.

To register: please send an email to ajh@anthampton.com


Additional information

Please note - all the instructions are in English. Please wait for the Flemish version in 2016 if you think language might be a problem!


Please note - all the instructions are in English.

Please arrive at Vooruit no later than 18h.

The session will last 2 hours, and an optional chat at the end with Ant 20.15 - 21h where it would be great to have your feedback / thoughts.