Rabih Beaini & Tarawangsawelas / Otto Sidharta / Uwalmassa / Karinding Attack

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Indonesia is not only awash with choreographic and literary talent at the moment: its music scene is also flourishing like never before. During EUROPALIA INDONESIA you'll have the opportunity to explore this exciting scene at Vooruit. On Thursday 16 November we will be joined by Rabih Beaini & Tarawangsawelas (a mix of trance and tradition), Otto Sidharta (electronic music pioneer), Uwalmassa (tribal ambient beats) and Karinding Attack (mouth-harp metal). And January will see performances by the German producer Wolf Müller and Senyawa featuring the 25-strong female choir Patshiva Cie. Discover them all at Vooruit!


Rabih Beaini & Tarawangsawelas

DJ and producer Rabih Beaini – also known as Morphosis when creating analogue and imaginative techno – is among the very best in the world when it comes to avant-garde electronic music. EUROPALIA invited the artist to spend two weeks in Bandung, Indonesia, to work there with the duo Tarawangsawelas. From this collaboration arose a unique mix of trance and tradition, with at its heart the tarawangsa, a two-stringed violin that's played vertically rather than horizontally. You can look forward to their new album, which the trio will be presenting live.

Tarawangsa is also the name of a sophisticated, minimal musical tradition from the Sunda region. In this tradition, two instruments play a central role: the previously mentioned tarawangsa and the jentreng, a seven-stringed sitar. Tarawangsa is an extremely unique musical tradition. Its music is only played in a handful of Javanese villages as part of ancient, animistic ceremonies dedicated to spirits, fertility and farming.


Otto Sidharta

Contemporary music is a fairly recent development in Indonesia. In the seventies a group of composers and musicians came together to form the Suita collective, which aimed to promote contemporary music in Indonesia and to create a platform for discussion and experimentation. One of the group's founders was Otto Sidharta.

Sidharta is a pioneer who was among the first to use computers in his compositions. His masterpiece 'Sri Inwan' was composed entirely based on modulations, digital clarinets and percussion instruments. Sidharta has traveled Indonesia for years in search of natural and urban sounds to integrate in his impressive electronic soundscapes. The mythical Brussels-based music label Sub Rusa will release an anthology of Sidharta's work in October.



The central idea behind the Uwalmassa collective is to create a fusion of the international arts, as seen through the prism of Indonesian culture and identity. According to Uwalmassa, the Indonesian identity must be reconstructed because it has always been subjected to reinterpretation. Such a perspective doesn't justify the destruction of the existing cultural foundations, but rather serves as a stimulus to build on the existing legacy.

Well-conceived production techniques and unconventional working methods are the underlying strengths that propel the music of Uwalmassa. By integrating elements from a wide musical spectrum, the collective seeks to convey a relevant story in a contemporary climate. Uwalmassa not only wants to protect Indonesian art and culture, but to investigate and explore it on a deeper level. The band assumes a powerful position and challenges the superficial and artificial way of thinking that is often used to try and understand the immeasurable qualities of Indonesia.


Karinding Attack

What might it sound like if a metal band woke up one morning with the irresistible urge to let loose on traditional Indonesian instruments? In 2008 this is what overcame the two metal bands Bandoon Sindekeit and Ujunberung Rebels. After one fateful, wild night, the musicians were completely under the spell of the karinding, a sort of mouth-harp made from bamboo. Some months later, the band Karinding Attack was born.

The musicians learned to play various bamboo instruments, then added to the mix a hearty wallop of metal and punk elements. Karinding Attack soon enjoyed explosive success in Indonesia and beyond. The group has played with many other groups, including traditional Japanese ensembles, blues bands and a host of electronic artists.

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