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Shrewd, ruthless and eleven years old

A little brat is terrorizing Wall Street in the mid-70s. JR Vansandt is shrewd, ruthless and eleven years old. Covered by a small army of straw men, lawyers and spin doctors, he wreaks havoc among the competition on the stock market, in American politics and among apparent outsiders. Little JR would have been Warren Buffets' worst nightmare, might he really have existed.

'JR' is about people who are too fragile for their environment, who give fruitless shape to their lives, and overreach in their race against eternity. The performance is based on the eponymous magnum opus of postmodern American writer William Gadis. His experimental, sometimes hilarious satire on capitalism translates into a magnificent piece on location, against a backdrop of a minefield of lives, relationships and incidents.



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Floraliënhallen, Citadelpark

17:30 - Deuren hal/café
18:15 - Gratis inleiding
19:00 - Start voorstelling
23:00 - Einde voorstelling

inclusief pauze van 30 minuten


€25 / 22 / 15 / 8
in copresentatie met NTGent


 tekst / text: William Gaddis - tekstbewerking / text adaptation: Bart Van den Eynde & FC Bergman - regie / direction: Stef Aerts, Joé Agemans, Thomas Verstraeten & Marie Vinck - cast: Marie Vinck, Thomas Verstraeten, Joé Agemans, Bart Hollanders, Stijn Van Opstal, Geert Van Rampelberg, Oscar van Rompay, Frank Focketyn, Michael De Cock, Rashif El Kaoui, Junior Mthombeni, e.a. / a.o. - productie / production: Toneelhuis & FC Bergman - coproductie / co-production: Olympique Dramatique, NTGent & KVS