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Ich bin wie du

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 Waiting for Spring

In Arabland, the people are strong and big, proud and sentimental, welcoming and almost perfect. In Neverland, the people are soft and beautiful, rich and enterprising, not so welcoming and almost perfect. And in Belgium it rains. Haider is shaving his toes in anticipation of spring.

'Ich bin wie du' was selected for Theaterfestival 2013, Circuit X. The first production by Kloppend Hert is based on a visual, animated, music theater vocabulary that pulls apart meanings, inquires and causes confusion. For 'Ich bin wie du' choreographer Haider Al Timimi found inspiration with Fairuz, one of the most famous singers of the Middle East - also called the Arab Nancy Sinatra. The Lebanese diva has been played on the radio every day, from Iraq to Morocco, for over half a century. She became a symbol of the desire for peace in the Middle East and is the beating heart of this first performance.

Together, choreographer, director, dancer and actor Haider Al Timimi, director/actor Geert Vandyck and dramaturge Bart Capelle form Kloppend Hert. The trio makes theater based on deeply human stories, always including a contemporary social, economic and political reality with inter-culturalism as an essential element. Kloppend Hert looks for what binds people without erasing differences. With the Jong Gewei theater platform, Kloppend Hert is also active in the Vooruit STADSATELIER.



ICH BIN WIE DU TEASER from Kloppend Hert on Vimeo.

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we 18 & th 19.04 - 20:00 Domzaal
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Ich bin wie du is a Kloppend Hert production in collaboration with Union Suspecte.