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Eccentric ode to five circus classics

Juggling inside one square meter? A game of Twister among dozens of mousetraps? Arguing pizza brothers? Or poetic mentalism that will make your jaw drop? 'Cirque déjà vu' combines all that into one performance, an eccentric tribute to five Circus icons.

In recent years, Circus Ronaldo, Vooruit-resident Alexander Vantournhout, Cie Ea Eo, Bert & Fred and Rode Boom made a great impression both at home and abroad with fine performances such as 'La Cucina dell'arte', 'ANECKXANDER' - a cocreation by Alexander Vantournhout and Bauke Lievens - and 'm²'. As a tribute, a group of young people and children - together with KOPERGIETERY, a few coaches – revisited five Flemish circus classics. The end result can only be seen at Smells Like Circus!


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vr 19.01 - 20:00 & za 20.01 - 15:00 KOPERGIETERY - Blekerijstraat 50, Gent
circus / theater / dans
€14 / 12 / 10 / 8 / 6 (-12)
voor iedereen vanaf 8 jaar

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