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The creation story according to Vanhaverbeke

Choreographer, performer, rapper, manipulator of objects, jack-of-all-trades or mad professor? You can call Louis Vanhaverbeke many things, but he is definitely unique. In his solo show ‘Multiverse’ he shapes an alternate creation story using a live color wheel, plastic buckets, Frisbees, houseware and a bunch of junk.

Vanhaverbeke proves himself to be a multifunctional DJ. Round sound-carriers set the beat, while Vanhaverbeke dribbles arguments, skins his lyrics layer by layer and unfolds thoughts at a record pace. He digs up the better hits - Alicia Keys! The Police! – brushes off references and sucks your mind into unexplored dimensions.

Louis Vanhaverbeke may not be a circus artist by trade, but the spirit of circus breathes through ‘Multiverse’. Craft, risk, magic, wonder: it is all there. Immerse yourself into Louis' extraordinary universe and you are guaranteed to walk out in a great mood.


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wo 17.01 - 20:00 CAMPO nieuwpoort -  Nieuwpoort 31-35 Gent 
do 18.01 - 20:00 CC Evergem - Weststraat 31, Evergem
€14 / 12 / 10 / 8
voor iedereen vanaf 12 jaar

Smells Like Circus-festival 
ism Circuscentrum






van & met / by & with: Louis Vanhaverbeke - dramaturg: Dries Douibi - advies / advice: Matias Daporta - techniek / technics: Bart Huybrechts - technische ondersteuning / technical support: Simon Van den Abeele - productie / production: CAMPO - met dank aan / thanks to: OVS, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek & Vooruit