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As heavy as it goes

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 The playfulness of sandbags and physical labor


In 'As heavy as it goes' Willem Balduyck and Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries push the limits of their own bodies. Using 18 heavy bags as a metronome, they perform a composition of organizing and upsetting, carrying and dropping – a rhythmic choreography in which playfulness and exhaustion go hand in hand. Meanwhile, you wonder who is really in control: the man, the woman or the duo? Or maybe those bags?

With 'As heavy as it goes', Circus Cotton became a CircusNext laureate, a prestigious two-yearly quest for new circus talent, in which the jury selects only a handful of European companies: one more reason not to miss this promising company.


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do 18.01 - 20:00 Minnemeers - Minnemeers 8, Gent
€14 / 12 / 10 / 8 / 6 (-12)
voor iedereen vanaf 8 jaar


door & met / by & with: Willem Balduyck & Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries - artistieke / artistic coach: Geert Belpaeme - fysieke ondersteuning / physical support: Kitt Johnson - artistieke ondersteuning / artistic support: Sebastian Kahn - lichtontwerp / light design: Kris Van Oudenhove - techniek / technics: Rinus Samyn & Lorelinde Hoet