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w a t e r w a s w a s s e r

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"Good stuff" - De Standaard (*****)

What would happen if we were to look at every living being like at an enigma, something that wants to be solved? That is the question Dounia Mahammed uses as her starting point in 'w a t e r w a s w a s s e r’. Just like in 'Salut Copain' - seen in 2017 during BLAUWDRUK - Mahammed goes looking for an intimate encounter with the audience. Dounia speaks about the here and now, about who and what surrounds us. She draws her inspiration from Zen Buddhism, Japanese and Chinese tea rituals and the poetic work of German artist Wolfgang Laib. "Good stuff", according to De Standaard (*****).

In 'w a t e r w a s w a s s e r’ Mahammed wants to stop and take her time, because we live in a time with no time to take the time - although it is time that allows things to become significant. In a formal play with space, time, movement and voice, Dounia explores new ways to communicate. A choreography for one hand, until language ultimately becomes pure sound.


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we 20 & do 21.12 - 21:30 LOD Studio
ism Gouvernement
in copresentatie met LOD



concept, tekst & spel / text & cast: Dounia Mahammed - muziek / music: Alan Van Rompuy - artistiek advies / artistic advice: Tine Van Aerschot, Dries Douibi & Simon D'huyvetter - scenografie / scenography: Koen Demeyere & Dounia Mahammed - lichtontwerp / light design: Timme Afschrift - techniek / technics: Simon D'huyvetter - productie / production: wpZimmer (Antwerpen) - coproductie / co-production: C-Takt (Neerpelt), Vooruit (Gent), BUDA (Kortrijk) & C-Mine (Genk) - residentiesteun / residency support: Gouvernement (Gent), KAAP (Brugge), BUDA (Kortrijk), Arsenaal / Lazarus (Mechelen) & Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (Brussel) - met de steun van / with the support of: de Vlaamse Gemeenschap - met dank aan / thanks to: Jakob Ampe, Kosi Hidama, Jan Van Damme, Bram Geldhof

beelden: © Tom Callemin