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Cry Jailolo

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 An indictment of the destruction of marine life

Jailolo is paradise-like bay in Indonesia, sustained by dive tourism - but the famous coral reefs of Jailolo are in jeopardy. Seven young men in coral-red loincloths dance in a mesmerizing performance for the salvation and resurrection of the reefs.

The magical natural beauty of Jailolo enchanted and inspired choreographer Eko Supriyanto, himself an avid diver. In the contemporary dance performance "Cry Jailolo" he expresses his hope and optimism that the endangered reefs will be saved and that the fish will return - a plea for restoring the peace and the soul of the underwater world, and an indictment of the destruction of life in the ocean.

“Diving is now part of my vision of dance. It is a world, a state of being, that thwarts gravity.” - Eko Supriyanto

about Eko Supriyanto
Eko Supriyanto is an influential Indonesian dancer, trained in Javanese court dance and martial arts. As a child, he learned the traditional Javanese dances from his grandfather. He would later intertwine these with Balinese and modern dance. Supriyanto became a world-renowned authority in the dance world, so much so that pop icon Madonna took him on her "Drowned' tour in 2001.

The refined dance style of Supriyanto often draws from the rhythmic movements of traditional dances but also speaks a contemporary language. Themes in his work refer to current situations in his native region: the state of nature ('Cry Jailolo') or the position of women ('Balabala'). The choreographer invariably works with young performers from that same region.

For EUROPALIA INDONESIA, Eko Supriyanto will show three performances at Vooruit with: 'Cry Jailolo', 'Balabala' and his latest solo 'SALT'. Read the interview with Eko Supriyanto here.

“For me, contemporary dance must be about mankind. It would make no sense and have no meaning for me to simply make something eccentric. A performance must be connected to people and must carry a message in itself that is open to various interpretations.” - Eko Supriyanto


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 th 30.11 & fr 01.12 - 20:00 Theaterzaal
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choreografie / choreography: Eko Supriyanto - componist / composer: Setyawan Jayantoro - scenografie & licht / scenography & lighting: Iskandar Kama Loudin - kostuumontwerp / costume designer: Retno Tan - dramaturg: Arco Renz - dansers / dancers: Gaudentius Aldo Talubun, Greatsia Yobel Yunga, Fernandito Wangelaha, Gerry Gerardo Bella, Noveldi Bontenan, Arzhy Lefry Noky & Fernando Migar - manager: Isa Natadiningrat - producer: Jala Adolphus - productie / production: EkosDance Company - commissioned & supported by: Tang Fu Kuen, Indonesia Dance Festival, Pak Namto Hui Roba SH former Regent of Jailolo West Halmahera, Ibu Feni Kiat, Danny Missy SE MM, Regent of Jailolo West Halmahera (2016-present), Pemerintah Daerah Kabupaten Halmahera Barat & kantor Pemuda Olahraga Kebudayaab & Pariwaisata, Kabupaten Halmahera Barat, Kompleks Sasadu Lamo Acango – Jailolo Halmahera Barat & Maluku Utara – Indonesia - beeld / photo: Bernie Ng, courtesy of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay - in het kader van / in the frame of: EUROPALIA INDONESIA