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The most troubled character in the history of theater

I imagine that the heart of Hamlet is an equally existential-dark and lonely place as the one I eagerly document.” - Stef Lernous

Many years later… Somewhere in a global city, the schizophrenic Prince of Denmark, who is now much older, has retreated to a claustrophobic apartment where the outside world pounds into the walls of his room. Polonius, Gertrude and Ophelia speak to him from the grave. The prince is looking for quiet contemplation - but in vain.

Abattoir Fermé hasn’t been a guest at Vooruit since the intoxicating 'Ghost'. After the successful 'Alice' in 2015, the company is bringing us another classic. Director Stef Lernous rewrites Hamlet 'after the fact', when all damage is done, and trauma and spirits have free reign…

This is how Abattoir Fermé's 'Hamlet' becomes a jet-black and visually stimulating descent into the brain of the most troubled character in the history of theater, all the way into the abyss.



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th 09 & fr 10.11 - 20:00 Theaterzaal
€ 18 / 16 / 14 / 8


tekst & regie / text & direction: Stef Lernous - decor & licht / lights: Stef Lernous & Sven Van Kuijk - techniek / technics: Sven Van Kuijk & Thomas Vermaercke - cast: Stefaan Degand, Kirsten Pieters, Chiel van Berkel, Tine Van den Wyngaert & Hanne Timmermans - productie / production: Abattoir Fermé - coproductie / co-production: NONA