Lucinda Ra & Sofie Van der Linden


Domzaal - Première, Concert, Debate / Conversation, Feest, Expo, Tour, Performance

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Discover what a social city can look like, in 72 hours

After ‘Rabot 4-358’ and ‘Het Fioretti Project’ the temporary collective and Vooruit- city resident Lucinda Ra continue their journey. Over the last few years, this group of theater makers and musicians developed a very unique expertise regarding precarious housing, psychiatry and a social city.

from Lucinda Ra on Vimeo


In ‘GRONDWERK’ they take the time to take you along in their work for three days. ‘GRONDWERK’ is uninterrupted performance, lecture, concert, expo and a fanfare passing by silently, all in the same space. To this end, Lucinda Ra collaborated with visual artist Sofie Van der Linden and many experts they met over the last few years. Discover, over 72 hours, what a social city can look like. Because there is no alternative.

Entry for each day is 250 grams of food (except meat, fish or alcohol). You will get a stamp to enter the specific day. Join GRONDWERK on:

  • Friday 21.04 – 20:00 - 23:30 - THE CHILD
  • Saturday 22.04 – 15:00 - 23:00 - LIVING AND WORKING
  • Sunday 23.04 – 15:00 - 20:00 - OLD AGE


from Lucinda Ra on Vimeo

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 You can join this performance if you bring 250 grams of food. You can bring anything, except meat, fish or alcohol.


co-production: Vooruit & KAAP - Lucinda Ra is Giovanni Barcella, Jeroen van Herzeele, Brigitte Mys, Stefanie Claes, Bart Capelle, Simon Allemeersch, Mario Debaene, Maarten De Vrieze & Barbara Claes
 - ‘GRONDWERK’ is created in collaboration with Sven Roofthooft , Sofie Van der Linden & Sara Sampelayo