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Full Moon Healing: Midori Takada / Suzanne Ciani

Concertzaal - Pop, Elektronica, Concert

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A new spring means a new edition of Full Moon Healing, the mini New Age and ambient festival, put together by Vooruit and local heroes Stroom.tv and Nosedrip. With none other than Midori Takada and Suzanne Ciani the festival is featuring two of the greatest names from the genre.


Suzanne Ciani

Video games for Atari - check Wikipedia millennials, soundtracks (Meco's disco version of Star Wars) and TV commercials for Coca-Cola: all of it can be found on Suzanne Ciana’s resume. For decades, the legendary Buchla-synth pioneer was a sought-after sound expert and one of the most adventurous composers of her time, as she was mainly known, beyond her commercial work, as an avant-garde composer of electronic music. Classic new age synth albums such as 'Seven Waves', 'The Velocity Of Love' and her solo piano-album 'Pianissimo' from 1990 exemplify this.

In 2016, together with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, she produced the well-received album 'Sunergy' on RVNG Intl. That same year Finders Keepers Records released a fantastic live solo set by Ciani from 1975. ‘Buchla Concerts’ is seen as the holy grail of electronic music and confirms Ciani’s genius once more. The futuristic keyboard optimism of the, at the time, barely 20 year old female counterpart of Morton Subotnick still sounds as urgent, complex, playful and melodic in 2017 as it did back then.

Midori Takada

In march of 2017, the fantastic Palto Flats label will release a reissue of one of the most sought-after Japanese ambient albums ever. Midori Takada's 'Through The Looking Glass' (from 1983!) is the musical equivalent of a blissfully dreamy and minimalistic dream landscape. During one of her rare live shows - and her only Belgian stopover - Takada will play a selection from this legendary album.

On 'Through The Looking Glass' the composer and percussionist combines the Fourth World-esthetics of ambient and free-jazz greats the likes of Jon Hassel, Brian Eno and Don Cherry with her fascination for Korean folk and traditional Ghanaian and Senegalese music, with Marimba’s, shakuhachi’s – a type of Japanese recorders – and repetitive trance-percussion as the protagonists. It is no coincidence that 'Through The Looking Glass' refers to Lewis Carrol’s homonymous master piece. Just like with Alice’s Wonderland, Takada leads you into an alternative universe, this time one where psychedelic mushrooms grow plenty.

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tickets: €20 / 17 (vvk)


20:00 - doors
20:30 - Midori Takada
21:45 - Suzanne Ciani
22:40 - end



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