HEXA with David Lynch's 'Factory Photographs' / Miaux

Balzaal - Elektronica, Concert

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The new 'Twin Peaks' series, to be released in the spring of 2017, has any David Lynch fan daydreaming. To this day Lynch remains one of the most enigmatic directors, having brought us cult classics like 'Mulholland Drive', 'Eraserhead' and 'Blue Velvet'. The American is also a gifted musician, artist, cartoonist, and photographer. HEXA, a partnership between Lawrence English (Room40) and Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), created an abstract soundtrack to Lynch's series of photographs of abandoned factories.

David Lynch is also a respected photographer. The retrospective exhibition 'Factory Photographs' opened in April 2015 at the GOMA museum in Brisbane, Australia. The exhibition showcased a collection of hundreds of photographs of abandoned factories taken by Lynch over the last 20 years, in the United States, Poland, Germany and Great Britain.
Its curator José Da Silva and David Lynch invited several artists to create new work based on this collection.

One of the projects was named HEXA, steered by the duo Lawrence English and Jamie Stewart. Lawrence English is an Australian sound artist also known as the mastermind behind the celebrated Room40 label. Jamie Stewart is the notorious front man of the avant-pop band Xiu Xiu, that recently covered the integral soundtrack of 'Twin Peaks'.

HEXA composed a unique soundtrack for these images, an abstract sound-trip referring to the industrial noise that used to echo through these ruins, emphasizing their desolate character. What was supposed to be a one-off performance, resulted in the newly released album 'Factory Photographs'. English and Stewart will now perform the soundtrack - accompanied by Lynch's images - live for the first time at Vooruit.



The synth lullabies of Miaux can best be described as an irresistible and catchy mix of John Carpenter, Eric Satie and Angelo Badalamenti. Miaux - nom de plume of the Antwerp-Bosnian Mia Prce - knows like no other how to top off fairytale electronics with a slightly uncomfortable sauce, and horror hides in the shadow of every arpeggio.

Her debut album 'Dive' was released on the Antwerp quality label Ultra Eczema. Her latest album 'Hideaway' received a well-deserved four stars in Humo magazine: "The melodies of Miaux' second album haunt [...] the hallways, and every time 'Midnight Snack' and 'Alptraum' roll through the dusty ballroom, you just know that you will come back here to hide again and again." All this to say: this is spooky, atmospheric electronics, not meant for scaredy cats.

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beeld Miaux © Vincent Royers - beeld HEXA © John Stevens