Elysia Crampton presents: Dissolution of The Sovereign: A Time Slide Into The Future

+ support: Inne Eysermans & Anne Van de Star

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We are keeping one of the most unique concerts of Film Fest @ Vooruit for the last evening. On that night transgender Bolivian-American electronics producer, composer and activist Elysia Crampton will make an appearance at Vooruit for the European premiere of her new multimedia mini-opera.

About ten years ago Crampton started casually sending little electronic masterpieces into the world through Soundcloud, under the name E + E. Deconstructed cumbia and hip-hop beats with foggy R&B vocals, sound collages full of melancholy and odes to lost loves.

Demon City

Pretty soon Crampton dropped the name E + E and last year she released 'American Drift' in her own name, the album that put her on the map once and for all - an ambitious project with epic and futuristic compositions full of references to the American landscape, gender/body politics and the history of colonialism. 'Demon City' – the successor of 'American Drift' - is a concept album that continues along the same lines. Think of Southern hip-hop beats and ambient drones spiked with subwoofer explosions, and characterized by the many collaborations with other top producers like Chino Amobi, Why Be, Rabit and Lexxi.

With ‘Dissolution of The Sovereign: A Time Slide Into The Future’ Crampton made the tracks on the album into an provocative, clubby multi-media show mixing Aymaran oral traditions with projections and DJ-set.

Bartolina Sisa

The album is set against the tragic story of Aymaran revolutionary Bartolina Sisa. In the 18th century she led an uprising against the Spanish colonial powers in Bolivia. After a six month long siege of the capital, La Paz, she was captured, tortured in public, humiliated and executed. Her body was cut into pieces and parts of her body were exhibited throughout Bolivia as a gruesome warning to the population against any form of resistance.

Amatorski front-woman Inne Eysermans, who created a new audiovisual set especially for Film Fest @ Vooruit, opens the evening.

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tickets: €13 (add) / 10 (vvk)
gratis voor Subbacultcha-leden

20:00 deuren
20:15 Inne Eysermans en Anne Van de Star
21:10 Elysia Crampton


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beeld Inne Eysermans en Anne van de Star (c) Dries Segers