Maria Lucia Correia Cruz

Common Dreams

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Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Vooruit’s city resident, invites you on a journey in a raft filled with water-filtering plants. It is a floating garden, a place for thought. ‘Common Dreams’ reflects on the impact of climate change, both on a local and a global level. Earlier on, with ‘Urban Action Clinic’, she focused on air pollution and on how it affects a city.

Now she takes her research to another level. While sailing the raft, she wonders about how to deal responsibly with our environment and with water. She reflects on the floods and refugees that come with climate change, and on the meaning of ‘homeland’ in this context. We invite you to come aboard to dream about a possible future.

It is a one to one experience. Get ready to take the challenge of this journey!

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tickets: €5

za 25 & zo 26.06 - 15:00 t/m 18:00, aan de achterkant van het Vooruit-gebouw, aan de kade (routebeschrijving)
Per boottocht kan er één persoon meevaren met Maria Lucia. Een tochtje duurt 30 minuten.


concept & design: Maria Lucia Cruz Correia - technical assistance: Mark Pozelp & Gert Baart - special thanks to: Bjorn Driessens, Steven Desanghere, Sebastian Hendrickx & DOK - co-production: Bunker - with the support of: Imagine 22