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Wine thinks a child is the best investment in the future. Maartje launches ‘De Basisoptimisten’ (The Basic Optimists), a group that works in social housing estates. Following in Japan’s footsteps Marleen opens a Tranenbar, a ‘Bar of tears’, to fight against the stressful cult of positivity in our society. Matijs develops a city gardening app while Walter sees more benefit in fun activities such as a journey to Brussels on hands and knees.

The actors and actresses of Wunderbaum have had it: they quit acting and move on to real action. But the fact that each performer does it in his or her own way creates quite a bit of pressure within the group. And is the outside world really looking for so much do-gooding? In the documentary "Stop Acting Now" Wunderbaum reflects on how strong our personal commitment is to the common cause. After the film, the now elderly actors look back at their well-meaning initiatives. What did their commitment and idealism actually achieve? Did they ever start acting again? And are they even still together at all?

The show 'Stop Acting Now’ is part of The New Forest, a platform for social change. The New Forest depicts the transition and takes a look at tomorrow’s society. The project is a growing partnership between Wunderbaum and numerous partners, volunteers and spectators. The New Forest includes theater performances, seminars, a film project, context programs and online content.

“It is not a utopia, not a dystopia, but a hetero-topia: a place from which we look at the world differently” says collaborative partner and sociologist Willem Schinkel. The project constantly shifts between reality and fiction. And sometimes the New Forest is more real than life itself. Read more on thenewforest.nl.



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van & met / by & with: Wunderbaum (live & film) – regie / director film: Mijke de Jong – camera film: Emo Weemhoff – productie / production film: Wunderbaum & Topkapi – in samenwerking met / in collaboration with: Rotterdam viert de Stad! & Imagine 2020