Uitgelezen oktober

Met Lize Spit, Hagar Peeters, Karlijn Sileghem & Frank Vander linden

Balzaal - Debate / Conversation

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True to tradition, the first Uitgelezen of this 14th season of Vooruit’s well-known book program will take place during FILM FEST @ VOORUIT, with a wink to cinema, of course.

For a change the panel will not only include Anna Luyten but also Lize Spit, the most discussed debutante of recent years, and as usual host Fien Sabbe will ensure a smooth evening. This time, the ‘books on the table’ will be 'Vermoorde onschuld' by Dana Spiotta and 'Nummer 11', the new novel by Film Fest jury member Jonathan Coe.

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€6 / 4 (red)
ism De Morgen & Boekhandel Walry