Zachary Oberzan

The Great Pretender

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Very funny, very sad, very strange and very serious

In the spring of 2015 filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami read a bizarre story in the newspaper. A man who claimed to be the famous film and theater maker Zachary Oberzan, was exposed as a fraud and arrested by police. Meanwhile the impostor had managed to organize a show in collaboration with a renowned arts center. Kiarostami, intrigued by this fait divers, filmed the trial and reconstructed the preceding events. The result is a complex story about a man torn by frustration and suffering from a whopping identity crisis. 'The Great Pretender' is a hybrid performance that seamlessly strings together film, theater and an Elvis Presley concert.

Zachary Oberzan is one of the driving forces behind the theater collective Nature Theater of Oklahoma. His film ‘Flooding with Love for The Kid’, an adaptation of ‘Rambo: First Blood’ (in which he assumed all 26 roles), unexpectedly garnered acclaim at numerous film festivals. In 2014 he appeared at Vooruit with the show 'Tell me love is real’. At the time author Griet Op de Beeck noted: "Oberzan makes theater transcend itself, and turns it into an encounter, something many try, but only very few achieve."

"The Great Pretender" trailer.1 from Zachary Oberzan on Vimeo


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€12 / 8 (red)
100 min
ihkv Film Fest Gent

beeld © Manu Bloemen


concept, tekst, regie & performance / text, direction & performance: Zachary Oberzan - geïnspireerd door / inspired by: Abbas Kiarostami & Hussein Sabzian - backing vocals: Maya Mertens & Diede Blok - dramaturgie, producer & manager / dramaturgy: Nicole Schuchardt - licht, geluid & video / light, sound & video: David Lang - stage consultant: Eike Böttcher -
kostuums / costumes: Dorothea Andrae - coproductie / co-production: deSingel, HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlijn), Beursschouwburg, Vooruit, Black Box Teater (Oslo), Gessnerallee (Zürich), Teaterhuset Avant Garden (Trondheim) & Brut (Wenen) - in the frame of Open Latitudes - co-funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union