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A rich, visionary and overwhelming atlas of an unexpected sexuality 

Italian collective Motus returns to Vooruit for the fourth time. After acclaimed performances such as ‘Alexis, a Greek tragedy’ and ‘Nella Tempesta' - about the inhumane conditions facing asylum seekers - actress Silvia Calderoni brings a sizzling performance on genderb(l)ending and being different, to the sound of pumping electro beats by The Knife and Stromae.

In 'MDLSX' Calderoni explores the limits of the body, of skin color and of sexual organs. In this ode to the freedom of becoming, the androgynous Italian artist ignores all artistic categories, and experiments with a DJ and VJ set - an explosive project with autobiographical fragments and literary evocations, a dark drama in which the line between fiction and reality gets blurred. ‘MDLSX ' surpasses gender trouble and resolutely goes for undoing gender.

"If you’ve never had the chance to discover actress Silvia Calderoni, here it is in this gender-blender, electro rock, autobiographical account of her life. If you have seen her before, you know what I am talking about and I am sure you will want to see her on stage again. Motus at its best!" (programmer Matthieu Goeury)



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Belgische première 

€14 / 10 (red)

ENG & NED boventitels / surtitles
nagesprek / aftertalk do 26.01

beeld © Alessandro Sala


met / with: Silvia Calderoni - regie / direction: Enrico Casagrande & Daniela Nicolo - dramaturgie / dramaturgy: Daniela Nicolo & Silvia Calderoni - geluid / sound: Enrico Casagrande, met / with Paolo Panella & Damiano Bagli - licht / lights & video: Alessio Spirli - productie / production: Elisa Bartolucci & Valentina Zangari - tour manager: Ilaria Mancia - distributie / distribution: Lisa Gilardino - productie / production 2015: Motus - in samenwerking met / in collaboration with: La Vilette (Parijs), Create To Connect, Bunker / Mladi Levi Festival (Ljubjana), Santarcangelo 2015, L’Arboreto & Marche Teatro - met de steun van / with the support of: Mibact & Regione Emilia Romagna