Maria Lucia Cruz Correia

Why did we Close Our eyes?

Snoepwinkel - Performance

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Air pollution is the main focus of the Urban Action Clinic, a project set up by Maria Lucia Cruz Correia during her city residency in Ghent (supported by Vooruit). The aim of the project has been to counter-act the pollution of urban environments by encouraging the visitors to create individual actions in their neighbourhoods. These actions bring people together, but at the same time they are the shelter of very personal survival convictions...

With 'Why did we Close Our eyes?', Maria Lucia Cruz Correia presents a new action in order to create awareness towards a collective environmental conservation. 

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Ongoing between 6pm and 8pm


Concept and design: Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
Performance and choreography: Sara Vilardo & Maria Lucia Cruz Correia 
Pictures shown: documentation of actions Maria Lucia Cruz Correia has done in Slovenia + the Urban Action Clinic next to Vooruit