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Sunn O)))

An all pulverizing sonic wall, mesmerizing mantras, smoke curtains and four men in dark monks’ habits: the legendary Sunn O))) is still an oddity in the world of all things doom and drone. In June the quartet will play an exclusive show at Vooruit, in which older work will alternate with tracks from their new album ‘Kannon’.

Sunn O))) was created in the mid-90s as a duo. Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson, two veterans from the underground metal scene, left legendary bands like Burning Witch, Goatsnake and Thor’s Hammer behind and chose a new path. Inspired by the heavy minimalistic drone/doom metal by their great example Earth, Sunn O))) became one of the most innovative and controversial avant-metal bands of the 2000s.

Their debut ‘The Grimmrobe Sessions’ and its successor ‘ØØVoid’ were uncompromising masterpieces full of meditative guitar drones and feedback. They were followed by the experimental doom of ‘White1’ and ‘White 2’, the black metal annex ambient of ‘Black One’ and the abstract Alice Coltrane tribute ‘Monoliths and Dimensions’. In the meanwhile Sunn O)) collaborated with the equally legendary Scott Walker (‘Soused’), Japanese metal band Boris and Norwegian dark ambient master Ulver. O'Malley and Anderson also run the Southern Lord label, which includes top notch bands like Sleep, Black Cobra and Earth.

Their most recent progeny ‘Kannon’ – produced by Randall Dunn and including old friends like Oren Ambarchi, Rex Ritter and Steve Moore – was released late last year and appeared in many an ‘end-of-year list’. ‘Kannon’ goes back to the more corroded, hard stile of their early years. Raw, repetitive slow motion riffs and the mantra-like chanting of ex-Mayhem front man Attila Csihar form the foundation of the album. The title refers to the Buddhist goddess Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Sunn O))) remains astoundingly strong live: don’t miss them at their only show in Belgium.


tickets: €26 (add) / 23 (vvk)