Film Fest 2016 @ Vooruit


The 43d edition of Film Fest Gent is taking place from Tue 11.10 to Fri 21.10. It goes without saying that you will once again find Film Fest at Vooruit, with films, performances, concerts and a special edition of our book program Uitgelezen. The program will include a cinematic composition by Benjamin Vandewalle, a theater collective that stops acting and the resurrection of Elvis.




Wunderbaum - Stop Acting Now (extended edition) 

do 12.10 - 20:00 Theaterzaal - film / theater

Wunderbaum quits acting

Wine thinks a child is the best investment in the future. Maartje launches ‘De Basisoptimisten’ (The Basic Optimists), a group that works in social housing estates. Following in Japan’s footsteps Marleen opens a Tranenbar, a ‘Bar of tears’, to fight against the stressful cult of positivity in our society. Matijs develops a city gardening app while Walter sees more benefit in fun activities such as a journey to Brussels on hands and knees. More 





Benjamin Vandewalle & Yoann Durant - Hear

vr 14.10 - 18:00 & 21:00 // - za 15.10 - 19:00 Ticketbalie Vooruit - dans / performance / installatie / première

An exploration of our perception of space and movement

‘Hear’ is an aural choreography around and between the spectators. Performers Benjamin Vandewalle and Yoann Durant developed a physical soundscape that explores the evocative power of sound. For each edition of 'Hear' the creators work with a choir of local volunteers, making each performance a unique visual composition. More 




Zachary Oberzan - The Great Pretender 

vr 14 & za 15.10 - 20:00 Domzaal - film / performance / concert 

Very funny, very sad, very strange and very serious

In the spring of 2015 filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami read a bizarre story in the newspaper. A man who claimed to be the famous film and theater maker Zachary Oberzan, was exposed as a fraud and arrested by police. Meanwhile the impostor had managed to organize a show in collaboration with a renowned arts center. Kiarostami, intrigued by this fait divers, filmed the trial and reconstructed the preceding events. More 

"The Great Pretender" trailer.1 from Zachary Oberzan on Vimeo



Uitgelezen oktober

di 18.10 - 20:00 Balzaal - boek

The firts Uitgelezen of the new season. More 



Abattoir Fermé - Zulawski Special