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'Legacy' (c) Dylan Piaser



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A fine selection of international performances

performance / theater

SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT, a collaboration between Vooruit, NTGent and CAMPO, presents a programme of multi-disciplinary projects featuring new dance, theatre and performance creations developed in Ghent and a fine selection of international performances making their Ghent débuts.

SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT explores global questions of colonisation and decolonisation, intersectionality, identity and geopolitical economics from different perspectives. It includes a particular focus on artists from the African continent, from the African diaspora in Belgium and from international artists working in and with realities of the African continent, but it also opens to other parts of the world.

The program includes works by Vooruit associate artist Nadia Beugré and city resident Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Nastio Mosquito, Roland Gunst, Faustin Linyekula, Milo Rau, Renzo Martens, Skinfama/Pitcho Womba Konga, Nora Chipaumire, Moya Michael, Jaha Koo, Eisa Jocson and Silke Huysmans / Hannes Dereere. SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT will feature a music series co-curated by Vooruit resident artist Nkisi and an accompanying program of discursive events curated, among other, by some of the participating artists.

The full programme will be announced here on vooruit.be at the end of 2018.


in collaboration with: CAMPO / NTGent / Africalia / UGent GAP



Written on 29.05.18