Season 2017-2018: context



In this season you’ll see that, alongside our familiar and established projects, Vooruit is launching a number of new or updated tags and concepts in the 2017-2018 season. This overview should prove helpful to you in navigating our packed program.





8 performances for €8 each. In this series of new creations you can discover artists you don't know yet, exciting new projects, all this at a sweet price. The series is developed in collaboration with LOD muziektheater and takes place at the LOD studio on the Bijloke site. Graduates of KASK, neighbour on the Bijloke site, are, among other artists, part of the program.




Vooruit opens its program to different voices. We invite two programmers/artists; they invite new artists to Ghent and develop focus programs around specific themes: gender and politics (Ron Berry) and revolt (Silvia Bottiroli).




Everyone’s found themselves at a party at Vooruit at some point or another. Whether it’s Kozzmozz, Funky Fabric, ICOON, Think!, Club 923 or the closing party of Film Fest + Vooruit: every week there’s something new to celebrate at Vooruit. As of the 2017-2018 season, all parties, clubs and late-night concerts will be collected under the title ‘Nightlife’. Now you can see where the party is at a glance – revellers rejoice!




In the coming years Vooruit will be further developing its residency platform. In this way Vooruit, as an art institution, hopes to support artists and theatre groups in many different ways: financially, technically, and productionally, to name a few. The duration of a given residency varies from short to medium to long. The residency platform plays a central role in the STADSATELIER (‘CITY STUDIO’) project, providing support to the city’s artists (see #stadsresident below). In 2018, writer-in-residence Hind Fraihi will be passing the torch to Laura van Dolron. In addition to the project ‘Belangrijk! Nu!’ she will be bursting into the Vooruit programme throughout the year in word and deed.




As the name suggests, the Schrijversconcert (‘writer’s concert’) promises a heady mix of musical and literary experimentation. Writers and musicians will alternate between rehearsal space and writer’s desk, recital and jam session, culminating in an eruption of word and sound. The artists and writers shaking things up in 2017-2018: Dimitri Verhulst, Mauro Pawlowski, Maud Vanhauwaert, Fikry El Azzouzi, Gerda Dendooven, Tom Kestens, Geert Waegeman and Corrie van Binsbergen. For fans of the best of both worlds.




STADSATELIER (‘CITY STUDIO’) brings together current artistic practices and collaborations based around transition, participation, debate and much more. The STADSATELIER in this way becomes a research studio centring on art and society, with the city itself as the studio space. Participating artists, collectives and partner organisations serve as bridge builders between the artistic and social fields. And we actively include you, the local resident, in every new initiative.




As part of STADSATELIER we also organise different residency projects. The selected artists all explore the theme of the city in their work, often adopting a participative approach. Vooruit establishes a personal trajectory with each maker, which is then regularly evaluated and adjusted. The main focus in this process is on creating space for research and development.




In the new season, seven visual artists will go in search of hidden narratives in the city. Driven by their own curiosity they will collect stories in image and word. The images will arise out of a long-term relationship between the artists and the city, its local residents and their communities and environments, and Vooruit itself. Artists Shamisa Debroey, Vigdis De Cauter, Ruth De Jaeger, Ephameron, Charlotte Peys, Martha Verschaffel and Nina Vandeweghe will put pencil to paper as they explore the cities of Ghent, Antwerp, Mechelen, Geraardsbergen, Brussels and Ostend. The resulting stories and images will be displayed In/Uit de kast, as well as being published in magazine form and digitally on our social media channels.




With thinkVooruit, we stoke the fires of discussion around the arts and the socio-political issues they tackle. Inspired by the motto ‘connection in confusion’ by writer-in-residence Hind Fraihi, Vooruit is organising various reflective and educational activities open to old hands, students and interested newcomers alike: debates, lectures, talks, masterclasses, workshops and more. We’ll be working together with partners from the educational, cultural, social and media sectors as well as artists, artist collectives and guest curators.  

Written on 09.05.17