'Our Carnal Hearts' (c) Claire Haigh


wed 14 >> sat 17.03

JUST A GOOD PROGRAM is a joint venture of CAMPO and Vooruit. During this intense 4 day performing arts program, we present new theater and performance creations developed in Ghent and a fine selection of yet unseen international performances.

Ontroerend Goed goes big stage with an ambitious music theater piece. Motus shows a panorama of a multi-ethnic America. Rachel Mars celebrates envy in a joyous way. And Kim Noble, Pol Heyvaert and Jakob Ampe create a wild radio piece.

Check out the complete program:

wed 14.03

  • 19:00 Katrien Oosterlinck - Imagine Moving Rocks
  • 20:00 Ontroerend Goed - Loopstation

thu 15.03

  • 19:30 Ontroerend Goed - Loopstation
  • 20:00 Katrien Oosterlinck - Imagine Moving Rocks
  • 22:00 MOTUS - PANORAMA

fri 16.03

  • 19:00 MOTUS - PANORAMA
  • 20:30 Ontroerend Goed - Loopstation
  • 22:00 Rachel Mars - Our Carnal Hearts

sat 17.03

  • 19:00 Rachel Mars - Our Carnal Hearts
  • 20:30 Ontroerend Goed - Loopstation


JUST A GOOD PROGRAM is a festival organised by Vooruit & CAMPO




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Written on 09.05.17