Gift certificate


Are you looking for an original gift for a friend or family member? Give a Vooruit gift certificate for a value of your own choice!

Advantages of a Vooruit gift certificate

  • You can order the gift certificate online or offline
  • You choose the value yourself
  • You don’t have to use up the entire certificate value all at once
  • You can use the gift certificate to buy tickets online


How can you order one? 

Fill in the value of your choice, select Print at home (e-ticket; NOT 4 tickets on 1 page), pay and the gift certificate will be sent to your email inbox (in PDF-format). You can now print the gift certificate or forward it to the person you want to surprise.


How does the receiver use the gift certificate to pay? 

There is a numerical code on the gift certificate. You can use that numerical code online to pay with the gift certificate. The amount will be subtracted from your credit. You can also use the gift certificate to pay at the Ticket Counter, in which case you need to bring the gift certificate with you.
Beware: old Vooruit gift certificates (without numerical code), can only be used for payments at the Ticket Counter.



What can you use the gift certificate for?
The gift certificate is valid for all performances by Vooruit. You can use it to buy tickets either online or offline. Attention! The gift certificate is not valid at Vooruit’s Café.

How long is the gift certificate valid?
The Vooruit gift certificate is valid for one year after the issue date.

Do I have to use up the entire certificate value in 1 purchase?
No. You can split the value. For example, if you receive a 50 euro gift certificate you could easily buy two 12 euro tickets and save the remaining balance for next time.

What happens if I lose the gift certificate?
If you lose the gift certificate it will not be replaced, so keep it in a safe place and make sure no one else knows the code on your certificate.