Prices & discounts


Theatre, dance, performance & literature

  • Base price
  • Reduction rate 1: for 65+ and groups of 15 people
  • Reduction rate 2: for -26, persons with a disability, professionals (including the oKo pass) or a VDAB proof of registration
  • NEW! Reduction rate 3: -18. You pay €8 for the Vooruit program. School groups enjoy the same price.


The UiTPAS price (you receive a greater discount: 20% of the base price). The ‘ABO-korting’ gives you 10% discount on the base price. Bring your discount card with you for every reservation. Reservations must be paid for within four business days, otherwise they will be deleted automatically.


  • Box office price (add)
  • Presale price (vvk): valid until 5:00 pm, on the day of the concert
  • €8 for -18

The UiTPAS price (you receive a greater discount: 20% of the base price). Reservations must be paid for within four business days, otherwise they will be deleted automatically.


10 performances for €10 each. In this series of new creations you can discover artists you don't know yet, exciting new projects, all this at a sweet price. The series is developed in collaboration with LOD muziektheater and takes place at the LOD studio on the Bijloke site. Graduates of KASK, neighbour on the Bijloke site, are, among other artists, part of the program. For the season 2018-2019, artists included are:

  • Kevin Trappeniers
  • Winter Family
  • Annelies Van Hullebusch
  • Lobke Leirens & Maxim Storms
  • Femke & Lander Gyselinck
  • Roland Gunst
  • Katharina Smets, Ingrid Leonard & Inne Eysermans
  • Bosse Provoost
  • Alexia Leysen
  • buren



Season tickets

If you order 3 or more tickets, you will get a discount of up to 20%! Choose the events you wish to attend, buy your tickets in one order and enjoy the discounted price! Additionally, you will get an extra 10% discount on all the subsequent tickets you order.


Podiumhopper allows you to enjoy the cultural offerings of partner venues with a discount of €5. In Ghent you’ll receive the Podiumhopper codes for Vooruit, Handelsbeurs, De Bijloke, Kunsthuis, De Centrale and NTGent by email in late September. You can use them to order tickets in October, Podiumhopper month. Then you’ll be able to choose from the all the shows of the 2017-2018 season.

  • The Podiumhopper is a promo code worth 5 x €5 that you receive once when you buy a season ticket.
  • You receive a Podiumhopper as a gift if you order your season ticket by Friday 29.09.2017.
  • A Podiumhopper is digital. You will receive the code by email in early October. This code will allow you to book tickets online at a nice discount at associate venues such as NTGent, De Bijloke, Kunsthuis, De Centrale and Handelsbeurs.
  • The Podiumhopper is strictly personal and only valid during the 2017-2018 season.


Gift Voucher

Looking for an original gift? Why not try a Vooruit gift voucher?

  • Order a gift voucher online or at the Box Office for an amount of your choice. Find out all the details at www.vooruit.be/cadeaucheque.
  • The voucher is valid for one year and can be exchanged for a ticket to a show of your choice. If the ticket costs less than the voucher is worth, then the remaining amount remains available on your voucher. If it is more expensive, you simply pay the difference. The voucher is not valid at Vooruit Café.



You live in Ghent and you have a low income? With the savings and benefit card UiTPAStpas Gent your visit to Vooruit will become quite a bit cheaper.

  • With the UiTPAStpas you can collect points at Vooruit when you come to a Vooruit show (own programming). You can also exchange your saved points (UiTPAStpaspunten): with 15 points you already get a guided tour in the Vooruit-building on a Sunday. These points can only be exchanged at the box office.
  • Do you have an UiTPAStpas with extra discount? In that case a ticket costs 20% of the base price or evening box office price. You can buy tickets at the Uitpas rate at Vooruit’s box office, so please make sure to bring your UiTPAStpas when booking.
  • You cannot buy the Uitpas at Vooruit, but it is for sale at different outlets in Ghent. All the locations are available on uitin.gent.be.


Korting / reduction -26 / -18



There are special rates and benefits for (school) groups. Find out all about it at www.vooruit.be/groepen.