Reduced mobility


Vooruit is a protected one-hundred year old monument with many different levels and stairways. We are always trying to make as many spaces and events as accessible as we can for people with a disability and we advise you to contact us ahead of your visit so we can assist you in the best possible manner.


Our various halls are spread out across the different levels of the building.
Every hall is accessible to wheelchair users and our staff can guide you across the building and elevators to reach your desired location.

The following halls are accessible (with a guide):

  • Theaterzaal
  • Concertzaal
  • Balzaal
  • Domzaal

These halls are not accessible without a guide so please don’t hesitate to contact us (information below) if you need to get to a specific location.

Café / Patio
The café and patio are accessible through the main entrance which offers seamless access. The central hallway will take you to the café and from there the double doors take you to the stairs that lead to the patio. To the left of those stairs you’ll find an elevator that will take you to the patio level (+1).

Box Office
The box office has moved temporarily to the back of the building. Go to the corridor towards the Theaterzaal; there you will find a bell. Press the button and someone will assist you.


Our events are accessible to wheelchair users. We always make sure you have a good seat as well as a staff member to take you to your seat (usually in the first row).
You can make a reservation by phone with the box office (09 267 28 28), preferably at least 2 weeks in advance.


Individual guided tours are not accessible to wheelchair users at this time. We are currently looking for the best solution for the near future.


We encourage you to contact us in advance of your visit so we can provide you with the best possible assistance and optimal seating.
Box office
+32 9 267 28 28

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