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  • Concertzaal_bedrijfsfeest_Delaware_(c)_Delaware Concertzaal_bedrijfsfeest_Delaware_(c)_Delaware
  • Foyer CZ Foyer CZ
  • bedrijfsfeest @ vooruit bedrijfsfeest @ vooruit
  • Trappen (c) Karin Borghouts Trappen (c) Karin Borghouts
  • Theaterzaal Theaterzaal
Concertzaal_bedrijfsfeest_Delaware_(c)_Delaware   Foyer CZ bedrijfsfeest @ vooruit   Trappen (c) Karin Borghouts Theaterzaal


Vooruit is a vibrant venue with 300,000 yearly visitors. The broad range of activities offered, from performances and concerts to corporate events, parties and congresses, make Vooruit an important meeting place for a very diverse public.


We are located in an impressive one-hundred year old monument with four halls, four studios and a large café with connecting patio. With 20,000 m² of hallways and chambers, you can stroll for hours in this official historical landmark. 


Big events, small events, standing events, seated events…
We rent out our halls and studios for many different occasions and we always look for the best solution and location, tailored to your specific needs.

Discover our different spaces and the types of events they can be used for:

  • The Concertzaal, the biggest hall, perfect for major parties and other events
  • The Balzaal, a multi-purpose hall that can be used for concerts, parties and socio-cultural events
  • The Theaterzaal, gorgeous red chairs and a beautiful stage, ideal for seated events
  • The Domzaal, right under Vooruit’s roof, with an extendable gallery
  • The Dansstudio, multifunctional hall for congresses, lectures, etc.
  • The Majolica, small and cozy space with a kitchen, ideal for a banquet

Download the technical files/insurance/pricing here (in Dutch).


Our central location in the heart of historical Ghent is a major plus as hotels and the touristic center are within walking distance, and you can enjoy all the splendor the old city center has to offer. Vooruit is surrounded by parking lots and has its own bicycle parking lot, it is located near a central bus and tram spot and can of course be reached on foot. 

See it on the map here.

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