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Moonday presents: ANDROMEDA

For centuries, mankind has wondered what it was like out there, in space. In the first year of Moonday existence, we’ve travelled to the moon and back several times. When we knew the ins and outs about space travel, we raised our bar by visiting every planet in our solar system. Now it’s time for the biggest challenge yet known to mankind. We will be the first team to explore another Galaxy. The first in all of history.

From now on, our mission at the HQ of Moonday is nothing less than exploring every Galaxy there is in the Universe. The tricky part about this quest is that no one knows how the voids between different Galaxies behave. Because of the fact our next target is 2,5 million lightyears away, bending space and time simultaneously is our only way to go.
Nonetheless we are very proud to announce that the first Galaxy we’ll take care of is our neighbour, Andromeda!



☽☾ SLAM ( United Kingdom // Soma)


☽☾ SANTÉ ( Germany // Avotre)


☽☾ LEBAWSKI ( Moonday / Decadance )


☽☾ NELSØN ( Moonday / momentum )




There will be no words that rhyme with orange.
There will be no fries served before their time.
There will be no shout outs.
There will be no traffic jam due to Watteeuw
There will be no panties on the bathroom floor (again).
There will be no Dr. Phil.
There will be no kids crying for Bieber.
There will be no babies by Bieber, nor any Biebernaires.
There will be no 40s left after midnight.
There will be no Facebook.
There will be no Jersey Shore.
There will be no Usher requesting Usher, again.
There will be no rapper energy drinks.
There will be no chick stealing my bottle of Vodka.
There will be no dancing on tables.
There will be no pigeons.
There will be no trending topics other than #wauwmoonday

Artwork by Plastik Goodies

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ma 12.03 - 22:00 Concertzaal


shop: https://goo.gl/jqW4z9

€ 10 : 1st wave - NOW
€ 13 : 2nd wave
€ 16 : 3rd wave
€ 55 : group ticket (5 persons)


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