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Saturn was beautiful, filled up to the roof with like minded people. Now we go to Uranus, wIth its bright blue color, one of the most astonishing planets in our solar system. Build from ice and rocks, chances of survival are above average, so we can not wait to embark once more on our mission to explore our universe.
We're almost there, the clear blue colour of the planet makes us wonder if it's not a hallucination, because it's so beautiful we can't believe it. For this mission we have the perfect commanders, one that has flown with us already quite a few times, another one who's gonna work a live set, making music on the spot to guide us through the night.


☽☾ AMELIE LENS ( Belgium // Second State, Labyrinth)

☽☾ REINIER ZONNEVELD live ( Netherlands // Filth on Acid, Gem Records)

☽☾ LEBAWSKI ( Moonday / Decadance )

☽☾ NELSØN ( Moonday / momentum )

Extra informatie

ma 06.11 - 23:00 Concertzaal
tickets: €10 (1st wave) / €13 (2nd wave) / €16 (3rd wave)
groupticket: €55 (5 persons)


org Nasty Mondays