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datum tijdstip zaal prijs kaarten/beschikbaarheid

Captain log NCC-1701-K

Two planet K inhabitants have been dropped at Kepler 186f.
In their quest searching for the Unknown we received the transcript of their first report…

⁞ Staring into the nothingness ⁞
⁞ Living in an ocean of energy ⁞
⁞ The universe vibrates ⁞
⁞ Massive plasma waves resonating ⁞
⁞ Deep frequencies pulsing ⁞
⁞ Oscillations of Hertz ⁞
⁞ Tremble before dissolving ⁞

Earthlings call it techno.

⁞ Enroll in the mission ⁞
⁞ Path future bound destination unknown ⁞

Alone we dance together.

Kozzmozz, does not tend to follow the latest trends or hypes. Techno is what Kozzmozz breathes. For 22 years they kept an open mind towards the music we love.
This time will be no different. For the summer edition, they invited some top-notch artists who will bring the heat to Vooruit in Ghent the 24th of June.



♦ KILNER presented by BLAWAN live (Avian, UK)

♦ Function live (Ostgut Ton, Infrastructure. USA)

♦ DASHA RUSH (Full Panda Records, Raster-Noton. RU)

♦ KR!Z (Token, Kozzmozz. BE)

♦ SPACID (Kozzmozz. BE)

Kozzmozz proofs once again their vision for quality eternal techno music. With the love for all Kozzmonauts, this time will be no different. Providing a top-notch sound- and light-system, this trip into outer space will be guaranteed one to remember. Alone we will dance together. Mark the date.

Extra informatie

Tickets: Pre-sale: € 16,00 / Doors: € 20,00

All FNAC Shops / All Brooklyn Shops / Vooruit
Online: www.kozzmozz.com/presale



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