"I have many faces"



Narcissister creates live performances and films in the twilight zone where dance, art and activism meet. She will perform during the season's opening on the BLACKLIGHT PARTY (fr 29.09) 

"I have many faces."   

interview with Narcissister by Spike Magazine (Rai May)

Some of the people I befriended were similar to abstractions, like Marxist concept of capital personified. Others were just impersonal tools of transaction. Some reminded of their pets. Others were allegories – either of some deed or greed. Some preferred an old-fashioned way to be an image only. Some dyed their hair in order to remain ghosts. Some were fully fledged human beings. But none of them danced like Narcissister: she was a self-transforming image of pure non-verbal fantasy, almost non-human creature, always behind a mask, an inanimate object pulling itself out of another object, a living artwork produced by a meeting Matrioshka and Intergalactic dildo. She was that organ without a body, ejaculating on stage in the ultimate self-cannibalizing arousal that I saw on burlesque stage one night in New York. Afterwards we've tried to speak.

What is your name?

What is your face?
I have many faces.   

Are you coming from your own dream like Matrioshka is coming from another Matrioshka?
Yes Narcissister is continually giving birth to new versions of herself.

I find it very interesting to look at the pages of fashion magazines where people are captured in mutating state of being bikin-machines, zombies, creatures, assemblages. How do you see yourself in this factory of glitzy transhumanism?
She is part of it and is transcending it all at once.

You are Russian Doll, you are dancing vagina, you are an intensity suspended on stage, who are you? Can you tell more about your characters? Are they you?
They are Narcissister, not me, although I draw from my own experience to a certain extent.

What is your mother tongue? French What kind of music you dance to? Could you dance to the sound of the street or moving chess figures?
I can dance to anything, I love dancing! I especially love dancing to live drums and electro. Narcissister loves 80s music.

Could you performa on a street? Which street?
Yes, anywhere. So far the only streets she had staged a proper performance on is 19th st and West Broadway in New York.

Do you ever speak on stage?
Not yet.

Who are your idols? Colleagues?
William Pope L, Ana Mendieta, Leigh Bowery, Karen O, Yoko Ono, Matthew Barney, Grace Jones, Patti Smith to name a few.

How do you see the recent revival of burlesque?
An awesome opportuntiy for all kinds of women to explore their sexuality in an empowered way. Narcissister references burlesque but is not burlesque however.

Are you an adaptation or an invention?

Is it always a solo performance or it could be something with someone else?
So far solo however she is working on group dances for an evening length show.

Where do ideas come from?
Images seen in books and magazines, music, cheap fabric, clothing, and wig stores. Or they pop into my mind out of the blue. What you have never performed yet, but would like to? A song that Narcissister sings live. Mark Leckey writes „Masturbation has always been seen as wasteful expenditure, a non-productive and profligate pastime, but now profit is made from loss-just as gold can be magicked from base metal-the once shameful habit becomes a wholly positive charge. Previously seen as a dissipation of energies, it now blooms into a voluptous dispersion.“

Don’t you think he saw one of your performances?

Are your performances entirely scripted?
Yes although with live performance one always encounters the unexpected.

How many transformations you can go through during one night?
Many, she loves to continually transform herself

How many transformations you went through during your life?
Countless, I am grateful for this fact of life!

What was your favorite toy? Did you play with dolls?
Yes, I made elaborate Barbie layouts. I also loved coloring books and my mother’s sewing machine which I still use to this day. Was it you I’ve danced with in Truman Kapote’s ball in June 1966? I wish!

Do you live your life as a performance?
No but maybe I should start looking at life this way, might make the everyday challenges easier.

If I would try to create a character, a script, a transformation for you, would you be interested in that?
Yes, Narcissister meets Leigh Bowery meets Jimi Hendrix meets Karen O meets Grace Jones and send me out on tour!

Narcissister will perform during the season's opening on the BLACKLIGHT PARTY (fri 29.09).  


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