An evening with Juan Dominguez is beautiful, three evenings are even better

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Juan Dominguez Juan Dominguez  


During the last week of June, the Spanish artist Juan Dominguez invites you to a new kind of spectacular experience.

Much in the same way he proposed to the spectators of Buda in Kortrijk last winter to go with on a Winter Holiday for a week-end, this time Juan Dominguez invites us to spend three evenings with him and his fellow artists Maria Jerez and Sara Manente for his project called Clean Room.

Basically, Clean Room is a performance made of 6 episodes, each night we will discover two very surprising episodes. And the more the series advances the more it will start to make sense and appeal to our imagination. The episodes will also be a fantastic way to experience the building and the history of Vooruit in another way as the piece will be adapted to the context of Vooruit100. We promised Juan not to say too much about what will happen and to keep it a surprise. The only thing we can say is that the theater is not always where you expect it to be.

The question you are asking your self now is "Why would I come and spend three nights during one week at Vooruit?" or "Maybe I can only join for the first episodes to see what it's like?". These are very valid questions. And they are exactly at the heart of Juan Dominguez's work. What he proposes is to engage differently into a show, he will not ask a lot to the audience but it will be an active experience, it will not necessarily mean that we have to participate, rather than we will be creating the events together. It will not be about watching a performance but rather living it through. And for this, time is needed, we will have to use our imagination to think about what comes next, where we will go, what will happen, much like when we are watching an HBO tv-series really. But without a tv set.

So three nights, yes. But three nights to remember!

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