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The Metropolitan Police calls him an extremist. According to the British healthcare system he is schizophrenic, bipolar and has borderline. The Justice Department calls him a "real threat” to national security. He personally prefers the term "mental".

James Leadbitter - aka the vacuum cleaner – lived as an outlaw and activist for years. Together with John Jordan he co-created The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, which performed at the (im)Possible Futures festival. They are known for their radical protest actions: demonstrating dressed up as a clown or a transvestite, planting trees in the middle of the street, asking art institutions tricky questions about sponsorship deals… Until Leadbitter had to be admitted to an institution due to depression, psychological problems and suicidal thoughts.

In ‘Mental’ the vacuum cleaner invites you to his bedroom to listen to his life story, a narrative constructed from the reports of doctors, psychiatric institutions and the police. He touches on heavy issues, shame and taboos, but does this with such honesty and humor that no one remains unmoved by it.

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Belgische première
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De voorstelling gaat door in Lozevisserstraat 16, Gent.


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