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Clean Room

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Juan Dominguez   Juan Dominguez  

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About the performance:

How often do you catch yourself, yet again, having a conversation with friends or colleagues about a TV series? Or how often do you hide that fact that you’ve carried on watching a trashy movie, just because you wanted to know the ending? Even though television series have only been in existence for half a century, they’re already deeply embedded within our daily lives. Performer and choreographer Juan Dominguez was so fascinated by this phenomenon that he decided to create a performance about it.

Fiction become reality in ‘Clean Room’ as Dominguez plays with the strategies used in TV series. The performance consists of three episodes and, as the characters develop, the tension mounts. But what makes ‘Clean Room’ even better than a normal TV series is that you, as the viewer, can dictate the action! Dominguez’ performance captures the very essence of the Vooruit spirit.

To get the most out of the performance, it’s best to attend all three evenings. Does so much theatre in such short a time scare you? Would you be convinced if we told you that after the first performance in Berlin almost everyone in the audience ran straight to the ticket office to buy their tickets for the next two shows?


It's only possible to buy a combiticket for the 3 dates, as 'Clean Room' is in fact one performance spread over 3 episodes. Buy your combiticket here.

You can get a reduction for the combiticket if you buy a VOORUIT100-subscription. Pick at least 2 more performances to visit and get the reduction.


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 English and Dutch, no subtitles



 concept & regie: Juan Dominguez / in samenwerking met: María Jerez, Sara Manente, Alice Chauchat / productieleiding: Christian Modersbach / productie: Juan Dominguez / coproductie: Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, BUDA Arts Centre Kortrijk / in opdracht van Tanz im August und Sommer.bar