Bartolomey Bitmann (AT)

Balzaal - Concert

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za 15.09.18 13:30 - 17:45 Balzaal order

Urban Classic

Take a violin and a cello, give them to a pair of impeccably-trained musicians and then allow them to let rip. That’s the recipe adopted by BartolomeyBittmann, two born musicians who are rather extraordinary. They perform their own creations in which virtuosity and originality go hand-in-hand. This is music with bags of energy, executed with stunning precision. Don’t try this at home! 



Odegand. Mighty music festival on and alongside the water

On Saturday 15 September 2018, Ghent Flanders Festival kicks off the cultural season with the 16thedition of OdeGand.Wandering by the many cultural-historical gems of Ghent, you’ll find yourself licking your lips awaiting and enjoying the great acts. Let yourself go and enjoy any of the numerous truly surprising music genres ranging from world music to pure classical music. You can travel from one concert to the other on foot, by taxi bike or by the handy canal boats. Unlimited pleasure awaits, all day long and especially in the evening when we illuminate the Graslei and Korenlei with a concert on the water and an exceptional light and firework show. Let your cultural season get underway with a bang at OdeGand!


Additional information

sa 15.09 - 13:30, 15:15 & 17:00 Balzaal
tickets: odegand.gent/tickets
The OdeGand pass admits you to all the concerts (1:30pm - 6:15pm) and the OdeGand boats during the day.


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