Springstof & Vooruit

Blade afterparty met Kilbourne / ...

Balzaal - Elektronica, Dj, Feest, Party, #Nightlife

Performance details

date time hall price tickets/availability
do 11.10.18 22:00 - 04:00 Balzaal
Price category Ongenummerd
Voorverkoop € 12,00

“Keep your eyes open. They're everywhere.” - Blade

Dj and activist Kilbourne continues her set in the Balzaal. More names will be announced soon.

in collaboration with Springstof

Additional information

do 11.10 - 22:00 Balzaal
electronica / party / dj
Kilbourne plays ‘Blade’: €7 (presale)
Combiticket Kilbourne plays ‘Blade’ & afterparty: €15 (presale only) 


in het kader van / in the frame of Film Fest Gent