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do 11.10.18 19:30 - 22:30 Theaterzaal
Price category Rang 1
Voorverkoop € 7,00


Wesley Snipes’ cult film gets a new gabberhouse score

“The world you live in is just a sugar-coated topping. There is another world beneath it. The real world.” – Blade

Ashe Kilbourne is a transgender DJ and activist who grew up in New York’s LGBTQ club circuit. In her music she mixes industrial, hardcore and club music and tackles the misogyny and transmisogyny of the dance world. Kilbourne also has a predilection for hardcore house, trance ... and horror films. Last year she made a completely new soundtrack for ‘Blade’, the 1998 Wesley Snipes vampire movie that has since become a legendary camp classic. A film with an Afro-American superhero as its protagonist, 20 years before ‘Black Panther’.

Kilbourne’s new score is an ingenious mix of exhilarating gabberhouse and atmospheric ambient, lending ‘Blade’ a completely new character. During VIDEODROOM you can watch ‘Blade’ on the big screen in the Theaterzaal with Kilbourne’s soundtrack played live. Before the show we will speak with her about the how and why of this reworked soundtrack. Those who are pumped after the movie can let off some steam in the Balzaal afterwards with the Blade afterparty – no biting, please.

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do 11.10 - 19:30 Theaterzaal
film / electronica / ambient / dj
Kilbourne plays ‘Blade’: €7
‘Blade’ afterparty with Kilbourne / more tbc: €16 / 13 (presale)
Combiticket Kilbourne plays ‘Blade’ & afterparty: €15 (presale only) 


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