Aïsha Devi / Abyss X / Slagwerk DJ's

Domzaal - Elektronica, Dj, Concert

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do 18.10.18 20:00 - 00:00 Domzaal
Price category Ongenummerd
Voorverkoop € 10,00


Euphoric dance divas with 360° projection

Aïsha Devi

Swiss-Tibetan electronica producer and singer Aïsha Devi makes euphoric, deconstructed, filmic dance music. Her live sets always feature impressive audiovisual elements. After previous excursions into electronica with IVVVO and Vaghe Stelle, Devi released her debut record ‘Of Matter and Spirit’ in 2015, a blend of transcendental vocals with raw R&B and trance.

For her new show, Aïsha Devi will perform within a 360 degree panoramic projection, designed by the French visual artist Emile Barret.




Abyss X


Hypermodern, uncensored and honestly raw electronica: the Cretan artist Abyss X makes few concessions in her music. She blends mysterious hymns from her home country with jazz, folk, techno and noise eruptions. Her work has previously been released on outstanding labels such as Halcyon Veil, Danse Noire and Infinite Machine. The artist is also the brains behind SHXME, a genre-bending music label that is more focused on social change than profit.

Abyss X draws on her dance and theatre background for her mesmerising live performances. The result is an enveloping spectacle that combines live electronica with performance and aspects of opera, choreography and dramaturgy.


Slagwerk dj’s

Dj-set by the Leuven-based electronica collective Slagwerk.



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do 18.10 - 20:00 Domzaal
electronica / noise / dj
€13 / 10


beeld / image Aïsha Devi © Emile Barret - beeld / image Abyss X © Lane Stewart

in het kader van / in the frame of: Film Fest Gent - in samenwerking met / in collaboration with: Slagwerk