Tot in de stad! #6


Op Locatie - Talk, Debate / Conversation, Lecture

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do 18.10.18 19:00 - 21:00 Op Locatie free

Artistic practices in the city of Ghent

Why are artists swapping their studios for a place in the city? What role is played by the residents that they work with? Is there an aspect of explicit societal engagement in their artistic practices? And what is the actual artwork here?

In Tot in de Stad!, Vooruit takes a closer look, together with Ghent-based partners, at the artistic practices of artists working in the city of Ghent. After five extremely interesting evenings in the 2017-2018 season, we will continue in the coming season along the same lines.

We will focus on artistic practices that intervene or are based in the social fabric of a particular town or neighbourhood. A work in progress is shown, after which we leave room for a discussion of the artistic work. Each edition takes place at the location of one of our partners. In this way we will plot a course through Ghent over six evenings, in search of art in the city.

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#6 Thu 18.10 - 19:00 Piloot.co / #7 Thu 13.12 - 19:00 LUCA / #8 Thu 17.01 - 19:00 Manoeuvre / #9 Thu 13.02 - 19:00 Vooruit / #10 Thu 14.03 - 19:00 KASK / #11 Thu 25.04 - 19:00 De Koer / #12 Thu 23.05 - 19:00 DOK
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in collaboration with: De Koer, Piloot.co, KASK School of Arts Gent, DOK, Onderzoeksgroep Art, Space & Context, LUCA School of Arts & Manoeuvre

photo: Leontien Allemeersch