Op Locatie - Elektronica, Dj, Theater, Installation, #Nightlife

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date time hall price tickets/availability
zo 16.09.18 11:00 - 00:00 Op Locatie free

Gigantic street party underneath and at the fly-over

On a typical day in Ghent 65,000 cars enter and exit the city via the fly-over, but not on the weekend of 15 September! On Autoloze Zondag (Car-free Sunday) we’ll be ousting all the gas-guzzlers and turning the busiest place in Ghent into a stage for art, music and partying. We’ll throw in the panoramic view of the city for free.

Last year this fly-over fiesta was an overwhelming success and this year it promises to be even better: in addition to food, drinks and DJs, there will also be installations, performances and interventions by a number of Vooruit faithfuls. Ghent Festival vibes in September!

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Sat 15 & Sun 16.09 - at and under the fly-over (the B401 viaduct at Zuid in Ghent)
experimental / electronica / performance / installation / nightlife
gratis / free


in collaboration with: Springstof, Treehouse & Stad Gent

photo's: Michiel Devijver