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di 11.12.18 20:00 - 21:30 Theaterzaal
Price category Ongenummerd
Eenheidsprijs € 10,00
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-18 € 8,00

What’s at stake for tomorrow today?

Tina and Tamara are not a pair of aspiring actresses or upcoming songsters. Tina stands for ‘There Is No Alternative’, the mantra of people in power who claim that austerity is the only option. The ones tearing down all kinds of achievements and creating divisions between population groups. We’re more fans of Tamara: ‘There Are Many Alternatives Ready and Available.’

‘Tina & Tamara on Tour’ is an edifying evening on the alternatives for tomorrow’s world, brought to us by the civic organisation Hart Boven Hard. In short and passionate speeches, speakers tackle critical topics, while equally passionate artists contribute creative interventions. Gain insight into what’s at stake in our society both today and in the future, and what we can do about it ourselves.

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Tue 11.12 - 20:00 Theaterzaal
€10 / 10 / 10 / 8

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