Thomas Ryckewaert

Move 37

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wo 20.03.19 20:00 - 22:00 Theaterzaal
Price category Rang 1
Eenheidsprijs € 8,00
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When the line between human and alien is blurred

For more than 3,000 years people have been playing Go, a game with more possible moves than there are atoms in the universe. A brilliant mathematical mind won’t help you here; in this game intuition and creativity are the most important qualities to possess.

Fast forward to 2016. Go World Champion Lee Sedol goes head to head with DeepMind, an AI system developed by Google. The unlikely happens: DeepMind beats Sedol. A previously unfathomable move leaves Sedol astounded. The commentators are lost for words, the image seems to freeze. A mysterious momentum emerges, from defeat to wonder and new possibilities.

In ‘Move 37’, actor Thomas Ryckewaert – who last performed at Vooruit in 2016 with the impressive ‘Golem’ – zooms in on this moment for a lecture performance on the phenomena that transcend human imagination. Can theatre imagine the unimaginable? From artificial intelligence to black holes and dreaming robots, in ‘Move 37’ the boundary between human and alien becomes blurred. An intimate and alienating performance that sways between reality and fiction.

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wo 20.03 - 20:00 Theaterzaal
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