Roland Gunst


LOD Studio - Performance

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date time hall price tickets/availability
do 28.02.19 19:00 - 20:30 LOD Studio
Price category Ongenummerd
10x10prijs € 10,00
+65 € 10,00
-26 € 10,00
-18 € 8,00

An Afropean kingdom in Flanders

Flemish-Congolese artist Roland Gunst is ambivalent about the Flemish lion. On the one hand, the clawing lion instills fear in him as a symbol of an assumed pure Flemish identity that rejects foreignness. On the other hand, he holds a passionate desire for the arrival of a Flemish lion who will liberate his people. A lion that – as the Flemish flag already suggests – is black.

In the musical performance ‘Flandria’, a blend of history and mythology, that time has finally come: the black lion, King Lion I of Flanders, rises. Not in order to liberate Flanders from the French, but to resolve the issue of integration that our society is wrestling with, once and for all. Lion I throws himself into battle against the horrifying monster of assimilation, which threatens to swallow us all whole.

In a mystical ritual with the noblewoman Flandria – soprano singer Emma Posman – and with opera music from the renowned Kugoni Trio orchestra, Gunst reflects on the Flemish identity and depicts an Afropean kingdom in which impurity and interculturality are celebrated.

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Additional information

 do 28.02 - 20:00 LOD Studio (Bijlokekaai 3, 9000 Gent)
performance / coproductie / 10x10
€10 / 10 / 10 / 8

in Dutch, English subtitles


concept, text & performance: Roland Gunst (John k Cobra) - soprano & performance: Emma Posman - direction & libretto: Mien Bogaert - composor: Benjamien Lycke - dramaturgy: Matthias Velle - musical performance: Kugoni Trio (violin, saxophone & piano) - set design & props: Kachiri Faes - costume design: Valérie Hellebaut & Thomas-Andries van Dyck

production: John k Cobra institute of Videoartfacts - co-production: LOD muziektheater, NTGent, Victoria Deluxe, Vooruit & Bozar - thanks to De Grote Post