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wo 20.02.19 22:00 - 23:00 Café free

Energetic performance against African stereotypes

For her triptych ‘#PUNK 100% POP *N!GGA’ – an incredible live performance with dance, song, beats and spoken word – African choreographer Nora Chipaumire took inspiration from her youth spent in Zimbabwe and from the punk rebels and new wavers of the eighties. Each part revolves around an iconic woman: Patti Smith (‘#PUNK’), Grace Jones (‘100% POP’) and Rit Nzele (‘* NIGGA’).

On the opening day of SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT, Chipaumire will perform the first part at the Vooruit Café, together with top Jamaican athlete and hip-hop freestyler Shamar Watt. #PUNK’ is based on the iconic song ‘Rock ‘n roll nigger’ by American folk heroine Patti Smith. Chipaumire shines in this energetic performance in which rock, reggae, African dance and racist stereotypes collide head-on.

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Wed 20.02 - 22:00 Vooruit Café

language: no problem


conceived & created by: Nora Chipaumire - performed by: Nora Chipaumire & Shamar Watt - guest guitarist: David Gagliardi (*availability TBC) - sound direction: Nora Chipaumire & Shamar Watt - studio recording at Miami Light Box: Aston Martin - text & lyrics: Nora Chipaumire - record producer, audio and visual master: Ari Marcopoulos - costume concept: Nora Chipaumire - booking management: Thomas O. Kriegsmann, ArKtype (www.ArKtype.org) - company management: Leonie Wichmann Studio - production assistant: Natalie Romero Marx

photo's: Jésus Robisco