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Extensive all-in buffet prepared by the Vooruit kitchen team

The international iftar is coming to Vooruit! On Saturday 9 June everyone is welcome to join us in the Balzaal for an extensive all-in buffet prepared by Vooruit's kitchen team. This will be followed by a free concert from the Iraqi electro-chaabi band Arkan Trio and a dabke party to the tunes of Rebel Up!.

Iftar is the name of the meal eaten by Muslims to end their Ramadan fast at sunset. International iftars are public dinners at a certain location, where everyone is welcome, regardless of their religious beliefs. Come and break the fast with a fresh, healthy meal. The great conversation and live music we'll throw in for free.

The iftar meal is priced at €10 per person. Students and children pay €7, people eligible for preferential reimbursement (‘verhoogde tegemoetkoming’) pay just €2.


Additional information

za 09.06 - 21:00 Balzaal  
€10 / 7 / 2 - inschrijven via margot@voem.be


in samenwerking met: Masala Gent, Tawasul Voor Iedereen & VOEM