Lunch Conversation #2

Jamila Johnson-Small, Ilse Ghekiere & Margarita Tsomou

Café - Talk, Debate / Conversation

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 In the last nine months, conversations about abuse of power in private and public life, related to the experience of women have surfaced and circled the globe. How do we begin to address and redress privilege and power in hierarchical and curatorial structures like this one? Who is we and what happens as ‘we’ shifts, whilst moving through and encountering different spaces and groupings? How do we speak for, to and about ourselves whilst holding space for others? What do we do when words become so overloaded with cliché that they no longer enable conversation? How can the power of #metoo be harnessed towards intersectional shifts in thinking, policy and action in the art field? What does it mean to be a professional body? When do you become a professional body? What is expected from a professional body and how do these expectations shape bodies? How do we as professional bodies deal with power relationships?

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 FRI 25.05 - 12:30 Café
talk / conversation