Michiel Vandevelde, Anton Jäger & Pamina De Coulon

Thinking the aesthetic and the political today

Café - Talk

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 Fifty years after May 68 and its calls for a ‘poetry in the streets’, the European art-world finds itself trapped in a profound philosophical crisis. Faced with a rising tide of populism on the European mainland, and an ongoing marketization of artistic institutions themselves, artists are seeking to re-orient their practices around a changing social landscape.

How should artists respond, and is there any space for intervention on their behalf? Is there really a crisis of legitimacy within the art-world, and how might this crisis be reckoned with? Can we say that ‘political art’ is dead; or is there still a role for ‘the political’?

Taking up these different questions, choreographer Michiel Vandevelde, historian Anton Jäger and performing artist Pamina De Coulon seek to probe the state of ‘revolutionary’ art. Ranging from political theory to theatre to the performing arts, the objective of the evening would set out guidelines of how one might go about thinking ‘the aesthetic’ and ‘the political’ today.

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THU 24.05 - 18:00 Café